January 23, 2020

What is digital planning…exactly?


While I love iCal and Google Calendar, there is just something about writing down your goals, to-dos and appointments that makes it REAL. It helps me to remember better when I see it in my own handwriting and I remember writing it down. But I don’t want to carry my planner with me everywhere. Well, friend, that’s where digital planning can help!

Below are the most frequently asked questions I get.

Q: What app is this?!

A: A Digital Planner is not an actual app or program. It is a PDF document with embedded links that you open within the Goodnotes App on your iPad. Goodnotes is a paid app ($7.99) that allows you to write on the PDF with an Apple Pencil. You can also download the app on your phone to access your planner on the go.

Q: Can I use a digital planner on an Android device or my laptop?

A: I highly recommend the iPad with the Apple Pencil for the best experience but I have had a few people use it on Android with the Xodo or Notability app. My video tutorials are filmed with Goodnotes 5 on the iPad so your experience will look different. GoodNotes 5 recently came out with a MacBook and iMac option too!

Q: Will a digital planner sync to my iCal or Google Calendar?

A: No. Your digital planner is a PDF file that you can “write” on in a note-taking app. It is exactly like a paper planner, except that it lives inside your iPad. I recommend using a digital planner to write things out and then using your calendar app for reminders and notifications.

Q: If I edit the planner on my iPad, can I still access it on my iPhone?

A: Absolutely! Make sure that you have the same app downloaded on both devices with iCloud sharing ON and you’re using the same Apple ID. You can also edit your planner on your phone but it is a little more difficult with the smaller screen.

Q: Can my husband and I edit the same planner on two different iPads?

A: Yes! You can add a user to “collaborate” with you on your planner through the Goodnotes app. All edits are saved in real time.

Q: How can I make the switch to digital planning from paper planning?

A: Everything about digital planning is the same as paper except you’ll save a ton of money on paper, writing supplies AND it syncs to your phone.

All you need to get started is a tablet, a stylus, the Goodnotes 5 app and a digital planner download. Here are my specific recommendations and what I use to plan:

Tablet: I use the iPad Pro 11-inch but you can use any iPad.

TABLET COVER: This one from Amazon

App: Goodnotes 5 app ($7.99 in the AppStore)

Stylus: Apple Pencil – If you have an older iPad that isn’t compatible with the Apple Pencil, you can use any stylus.

Digital Planner – here’s a free one!

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