June 9, 2021

Our Dream Garage Gym

After years of adding little bits here and there, our garage gym is finally “done!”

I mean, is anything like this truly done? But for now, it’s practically perfect and fits our needs so let’s get right on into this gym tour!


First up, these mats are a must. We have 6 smooth and 6 textured for no other reason than we couldn’t find any smooth when we decided to get more mats. But the textured works just as well and I just lay a yoga mat down if I need to do pushups.


Smooth Red Barn Rubber Flooring Mat (This vendor is best if you live in the PNW – they offer delivery up and down the coast to Portland.)

Textured Rubber Stall Mat (The texture looks different on the website but these are the exact mats we purchased in store.)

Squat Rack

PRX Performance Profile Squat Rack with Kipping Bar : This folds up onto the wall to make more space but we always have ours down. I love that feature though!

Rack Accessories:

PRX Landmine Attachment

PRX Profile Dip Station Attachment

PRX Profile Spotter Arms

PRX Spotter Arm Storage

PRX 4-Peg Profile Weight Storage

PRX Hanging Double Bar Storage

PRX Mobility Bands

PRX Band Storage

Bars and Plates:

Tim’s had the silver bar since high school and I’m pretty sure we got our black bar from PR Lifting but I can’t seem to find the exact one online. In any case, here’s their website if you want to look at their bars. (I recommend buying from them if you live in the PNW – they offer very affordable delivery up and down the coast to Portland.)

EZ Curl Bar

PR Lifting Bumper Plates (Another PR Lifting buy but you can find bumper plates at most sporting goods stores and used sports stores.)

Our older plates and storage rack are so old that I can’t remember how we acquired them.

Other Accessories

Tim ordered a Landmine Grip for rows and I’ll update this post with the exact link when he can find it. In the meantime, this one has good reviews.

My Bosu Ball that I don’t use nearly as much as I should.

We’ve had our Crossfit Rings for over 10 years but here are some newer ones you can order online.

And our two benches were Play It Again Sports finds.

Cardio Equipment:

Nordictrack Commercial X32i Incline Trainer (with this phone mount)

Concept2 Rower

We got the mirror for free off FB marketplace and I had Tim frame it out.

Below it, we have a mix of dumbbells that we’ve gotten from a variety of different places. Some were new and some are used. My favorite places to get dumbbells are local sports stores. If you’re in NC, Replay is where we shop now.

Above it, we have this interval timer and this Samsung TV.

We have our remotes velcroed to the edge of the mirror so they never go missing and I love this band storage rack from PRX.

I made the race medal sign but you can find them on Etsy!

We got these two medicine balls at Replay Sports in NC but you can find them at your local used sports gear stores as well. We are using PRX Medicine Ball Storage to keep them off the floor.

Next to our medicine balls, we have this utility rack that holds other garage essentials and a few more accessories like yoga mats/blocks, foam rollers, wrist wraps, bands, chalk and dry erase markers.

And for music, we use this Wonderboom to blast tunes that can be heard over our massive fan.


Speaking of our fan, this is the one that keeps us comfortable in 90 degrees and 90% humidity.

Utilitech 24-in 2-Speed Indoor Black Industrial Fan

To the right of it is an old squat rack that Tim had before we got married.

And then lastly, we have our Peloton Bike+ inside where it’s air conditioned.


There you go, friends! The only place in our house that we can consider “done” for the time being.

We just love it so much and hopefully it helps you plan your dream garage gym too!



FTC Disclosure: This post is not sponsored. I may earn a small percentage of the sales of the affiliate links above, at no cost to you!

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