March 1, 2022

My Must-Have Snacks from the Asian Market

First time H-mart shopper? Wish you had an Asian person to tell you what to buy? I’m your girl! I’ve broken up my recommendations into a few different blog posts and we’re starting with the most important…S N A C K S.


  1. Choco Pie: Think “Asian version of the Moon Pie”

  2. Yogurt Drink: These tiny little drinks are so fun to drink and they’re sweet! They are milky, not thick like American yogurt.

  3. Rice Candy: Ah, the edible rice wrapper is the best for tricking kids! Pop the whole thing in your mouth and watch the kids wig out and say “You’re eating the wrapper!!” These chewy candies are sweet and don’t really have much of a taste at all so they are great for non-adventurous kids!

  4. Daifuku Red Bean Cake: I read once that one Mochi rice cake equates to about an entire bowl of rice. I try not to think about that as I’m inhaling my favorite red bean Mochi treat. Asians love their sweetened red bean but know that it tastes unlike anything you may consider a treat here in America. I encourage you to try it though! You may just fall in love with the unique taste.

  5. Green Tea Pocky: You can find pocky sticks in most American grocery stores but my favorite flavor is green tea, followed by the almond crunch!

  6. Sweet Potato Korean Pancake: You’re going to find this in the freezer section but it makes my snacks list because we looooove this as an after school snack. The filling is lightly sweet but not dessert-like. The pancake is buttery and flaky and just oh so good.

  7. Fruit Jelly Cups: Let it be known that I do NOT like these. But my kids BEG for them so maybe yours will too!

  8. Shrimp Crackers: Ok, I know what you’re thinking! These sound horrible but have you ever thought about how Chicken in a Biskit crackers sound? These are virtually the same idea but with a seafood flair. I grew up eating these every dang day and something about them just makes me think back to my childhood. They are definitely for the more adventurous but give them a try!

  9. Banana Kick Puffs: These are a much safer bet. You can’t beat this addictive puffy, sweet, banana-y snack!

Well, friends, those are the snacks that always make their way into my basket on every Asian Market trip! Stay tuned for the next installment in this series – what to buy in the Asian Product and Bakery aisles!

Don’t have an Asian Market nearby? You can find some of these snacks on good ‘ol Amazon! Affiliate links below

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