April 5, 2022

IKEA Craft Room

Our craft room is almost done! I still want to hang some art on the walls but I just couldn’t wait to show you the furniture that we DIYed for this space.



Custom Drawer Units

Each of the two long maple-topped units are actually 3 smaller modular units connected together. Two wide drawer units on each end with a more narrow unit in the middle. They are the Ikea Nordli modular drawers and we custom made countertops and bases to match the look I wanted. I love the drawers because they are soft-close and were simple to put together. They also come with matching tops and bases but I really wanted wood tops so we custom-made ours.

To keep it budget-friendly, we used plywood to create a butcher block-style thick piece of wood. We did this by layering two 3/4” thick pieces of plywood together and then hid the edges with maple iron-on edging. And voilá, we had a thick 1 1/2” piece of wood! Because you won’t see the layer underneath, we used unfinished plywood for everything except the very top layer that you can see…in which we opted for a pretty maple, finished plywood piece.


We used wood glue and screws to keep the two layers snug together before ironing on the maple edge banding. After securing the tops and bottoms to the drawers with L-brackets, I sealed the top with butcher block oil to keep that pretty natural wood color. You can see the entire process in my YouTube video (linked at the end of this post)

Craft Table

The table is an old DIY project that I refurbished with new paint and stained to fit this room’s vibe. I’ll post a link to the DIY plans for this table at the end of this post as well. The stain color is Golden Oak and the pink paint is Sherwin Williams Quartz Blush.


Tall Bookcase

This is an old Ikea Kallax unit we had originally but we added the inserts with 2 drawers each. I also purchased new drawer pulls and spray painted them my favorite gold color. (I’ll post links for everything below!)


Thank you so much for reading along today! I hope this inspires you to create a room that you love!

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Links and Resources

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IKEA Kallax Drawer Inserts

Drawer Pulls

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Maple Band Edging

DIY Table Plans

Rustoleum Pure Gold Spray Paint

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