May 13, 2022

Craft Room Organization

I’m so excited to show you how we organize our craft supplies in our IKEA hacked drawer units. This has been such a game changer in how much we create in this space. 🙂



You’ll see these plastic organizers from the Home Edit Line at Walmart throughout my craft room. I’m clearly obsessed with them and highly recommend them for any organizing project! They are sturdy and stack on top of each other as well as nestle inside of larger bins. With the Walmart collaboration, you can get 8 pieces for under $25, which is steal for the kind of quality that you’re getting.

Paint Supplies

In this drawer, I like to keep canvases, brushes, palettes and plastic tablecloths so setting up a painting sesh is easy breezy. I get our canvases from The Dollar Tree as well as Michaels and the wooden easels are from Amazon. I’ll make sure to link everything at the end of the post!


The lazy susans are so great for round items, like acrylic paint! They’re easy to lift out of the drawer as well. The wood bins are from the Dollar Tree.

Sewing & Yarn

I’m using the Everything Large bin here to create a Sewing Kit/Box and a fabric bin. Also, yes, I know we have a yarn problem.

Office Supplies


You can’t tell in this picture but the medium insert bins stack neatly on top of each other so you can really tuck your Sharpie obsession away so no one is the wiser.

Creative Play

This is the Amy drawer! She knows that she is welcome to anything in this drawer to create whatever she wants. I love seeing what she comes up with!

Big Kid Crafts

This is the Little Who drawer. She’s older so she has some crafts that require a little more patience and focus.

Diamond Art & Beads

This is a little bit of an everything drawer. It still has room to grow as we take on new creative projects. ☺️

Cutting Materials


EasyPress and Screenprinting


Vinyl and Blanks

I just organize my vinyl into type; adhesive and iron-on transfer. Maybe one day I’ll get fancy and organize them in rainbow order but today is not that day. I like to keep a few t-shirt blanks on hand and I just store those in an Ikea SKUBB bin next to the vinyl.



In this drawer, I keep greeting cards, stamps and planner stickers. Having a card for each occasion has saved me so many trips to the store! I love stocking up at the Dollar Tree and local businesses for hand-crafted cards. I want to start making cards with my Cricut but I’ve also been saying that for years. ha! In front, I keep a tabletop trash can that I pull out whenever we’re working on a craft.

Shipping and Gifting

Last Minute Gifts

I got this idea from a friend and I love it so far! Don’t you hate when you forget to pick up a gift for a kid’s birthday party or you’re invited to one last minute and don’t have time to run to the store? Slowly stock on up on different age appropriate gifts to keep on hand for emergencies. I just started doing this so my drawer is pretty empty but I’m excited to fill it up!

Bento Supplies

Bento Boxes


YouTube Video

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