Homeschool Organization

School has gotten off to a great start this year! Today, I want to share our homeschool organization tips with you. We finally graduated from a stack of workbooks in a plastic container to a full school room. 🙂

I found these fun wall decorations at Dollar Tree over the summer and it really brightened up that area over her table. For now, we’re just using a standard folding table to see if this system works. It is really just a place for me to organize what we are working on that day because we inevitably do the bulk of our schoolwork on the couch or lying on the floor with pillows.

This paper organizer on the desk holds recycled blank sheets of paper, ruled paper, guided reading books, a laminated memory chart and her piano books.

We also have this fun chart of positive affirmations to read when she gets to a challenging part in her work.

Off to the side of the school room, I have a large whiteboard that can be used as an anchor chart. We have a fun pointer stick that she can use to follow along as we go through the lesson.

Underneath the whiteboard, I have a cheap foam board from Dollar Tree that holds this week’s Phoneme lesson.

In our bookcase, we have everything from workbooks, to reading books, to computer programming software.

Also on the shelf are binders that contain the full year of lesson plans for Math, Phonics, Grammar and Growth Mindset. I purchased these curriculums online and had them printed at OfficeMax. You can find a list of them on my last post: Our 2nd Grade Homeschool Plan.

I have a Teacher’s Binder with subject dividers so I can pull individual lessons from Teachers Pay Teachers or Pinterest and have a place to put them. I just printed subjects on colored cardstock paper and slid them into plastic page protectors. This year’s subjects are Math, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary, Science, and Foreign Language.

Each week, I will pull the lesson notes from the large curriculum binders and put them in my teaching binder so I can have it out next to me as I’m working with Little Who. This way, I don’t have to pull out the massive year-long binders for each subject.

In another binder, I have Classical Conversations subjects because you can find so many free printable resources through the CC Connected file sharing forum. Our CC Subjects are Math, History, Geography, Science, English Grammar, Latin, and Timeline.

And the end of every week, I take out the worksheets that we’ve completed and refill Little Who’s working binder with the sheets for the new week. You’ll notice that I don’t start with Monday as that is the day we meet for CC and when we come home, we have a brain break for the rest of that day!

On a small note inside the plastic cover, I’ll list out the things we need to accomplish that day. If I am busy with something, she can read what the next task is and get started while I’m finishing up whatever I’m doing.

Here’s a real-life shot of school in progress. We decided to work at the table today to switch things up (and because Little Who had a hard time staying awake!)


Thanks for touring our school room and I hope it helps your homeschool organization feel less overwhelming!


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