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My Trick for Keeping Strawberries Fresh!

Hey friends! Just thought I’d share my prep trick with all of you! Don’t you hate when all your strawberries get moldy in the fridge because of one little culprit? Here’s how you can save yourself that kind of disappointment!

First, take the stems off your strawberries. I usually cut mine off but you can also use a strawberry huller.

Then drain them over a sink and spray with a fruit and vegetable cleaner. I like to rub my hard produce but with softer produce like strawberries, I just let them sit with the cleaner on for a minute or two.

After rinsing the cleaner off, pour some water and a few glugs of white vinegar in a bowl to fit your strawberries.

Add the strawberries and let them soak for a few minutes, then pour the water out and dry them on a dish towel. Don’t use a towel you love because the strawberries may stain it!

Line a glass container with a paper towel. I find that glass keeps most of my food a lot more fresh!

Store your strawberries in an even layer as much as possible.

And you’re done! Your strawberries will keep for up to a week, if you haven’t devoured them by then!

Hope you’re all doing well! XOXO


2 thoughts on “My Trick for Keeping Strawberries Fresh!

  1. Great tips! So the strawberries don’t take on any of the vinegar taste?
    1. Not at all! It's amazing! :D
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