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Meal Prep Containers

I’m always asked about the containers I use for meal prep and they have evolved over the years! In this post, I’ll keep you updated with the ones that pass my standards and that I use currently.

At the moment, I’m loving these Rubbermaid Brilliance containers. They are super clear, the snaps are sturdy and they stack impeccably on top of each other. They have saved me so much space in my fridge!


These are my favorite containers for the girls’ school lunches. They are easy to open and I love that they are stainless steel. Since they won’t be warming anything up at school, the metal isn’t a problem and I feel a teensy bit better about not putting their food in plastic.

I’m on the hunt for new glass containers because the snaps on my current stash are getting worn out. These Pyrex containers are on my short list. If you get to try them out before me, let me know how you like them!

I’ll continue to add to this list as I use and abuse my meal prep containers every week!

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